• Cenospheres fly ash for refractory

    Floating bead is a kind of fly ash hollow ball that can float on the water surface. It is gray white, thin and hollow in wall, very light in weight, with unit weight of 720kg/m3 (heavy) and 418.8kg/m3 (light), particle size of about 0.1mm, closed and smooth in surface, small in thermal conductivi...
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  • Kaolin Clay for Refractory

    Kaolin, calcined kaolin, washed kaolin, metakaolin. The uses of kaolin include: As a necessary mineral raw material for dozens of industries, such as paper making, ceramics, rubber, chemical industry, coating, medicine and national defense, kaolin has certain plasticity, which makes the ceramic m...
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  • White Bentonite Clay Powder Cosmetic Grade

    Main features of bentonite: 1. High concentration and pulping rate; 2. Excellent ability to transport drilling cuttings in suspension; 3. It has a long acting time and keep the mud stable for a long time after mixing. 4. It can form a thin and dense filter cake layer to prevent mud leakage; 5. It...
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  • Wholesale diatomaceous earth food grade Diatomite Filter Aid, Diatomaceous earth powder

    Diatomite is a biogenic siliceous sedimentary rock, mainly composed of the remains of ancient diatoms. Its chemical composition is mainly SiO2, containing a small amount of Al2O3, Fe2O3, CaO, MgO, K2O, Na2O, P2O5 and organic matter. The mineral composition of diatomite is mainly opal and its vari...
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  • Super Fine Sized Tourmaline Stone Powder Nano Tourmaline Powder

    Black/white tourmaline powder 1. High pure tourmaline is the bijou that can be made into jewelry such as necklace bracelet and so on. 2. It can be used in deodorizing wall paper, floorboard, ceiling board furniture inner wall coasting material and concrete. 3. Packing material with the function o...
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  • Factory Price Fe2O3 Iron Oxide red powder/black/yellow/green pigments for building

    Product Description Iron oxide pigment for construction Iron Oxide Pigment for Coating And Paint Iron oxide pigment for rubber,plastic and leather Easy-disperse & micro-sized iron oxide pigment Iron oxide pigment for ceramics Iron oxide pigment for Food Stuff, and Cosmetic etc. Performance W...
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  • Diatomite filter aid/kieselguhr celite 545 food grade, pool grade diatomaceous earth powder

    Diatomite filter aid/kieselguhr celite 545 food grade Application: water treatment: water industry wastewater, swimming pool water bath water; Industrial oil: lubricating oil additive machine cooling oil transformer oil sheet metal foil rolling oil; Others: pet insecticide, plant insecticide, enz...
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  • Factory hot selling coloring natural pigment iron oxide red/green/yellow/black

    Iron Oxide pigment has iron oxide red, iron oxide black, iron oxide green, iron oxide blue, iron oxide yellow, iron oxide brown and iron oxide purple. Iron Oxide pigment is used as dye or colorant in various prefabricated concrete parts and architectural products and materials. Iron oxide pigment...
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  • Colored Sand for Stone Coating Natural Sand for Terrazzo Floor Aggregate

    Colored sand for stone coating Natural Sand for Terrazzo floor aggregate. Natural color sand is made of marble or granite ore through selection, crushing, grinding, grading and packaging processes. Colored sand is made of locally produced marble and granite as raw materials, and the raw materials...
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  • Flux Calcined Diatomite Powder And Flux Calcined Diatomaceous Earth Price

    Diatomite is deposited by the remains of single-celled aquatic algae under certain geological conditions. Diatomite is characterized by porosity, large specific surface area, low density, good adsorption, acid resistance and heat resistance. The filter aid produced by our company is made of diato...
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  • High carbon nano graphite powder graphite flakes for reserach

    Features of graphite powder The high purity and high carbon nano graphite powder is prepared by laser ablation method and is widely used in the fields of conductive coatings, glass manufacturing, lubricant formation, metallic alloys, nuclear reactors, powder metallurgy, and structural materials. ...
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  • Alkaline ball maifan stone ball for water treatment and health care

    Maifan stone ball, alkaline ball, OPR magnesium ball, Negative Potential Orp alkaline hydrogen ceramic ball is made of natural nonmetal mineral tourmaline, high-grade clay added with other natural healthcare powder, such as negative ion powder and germanium powder etc by nanometer comminution tec...
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